Rice is the most widely consumed staple food in the world. Today, this unique grain helps sustain over 3.5 billion people worldwide (i.e. half of the world’s population).


Mewah ventured into the rice business with a clear vision to offer a new value proposition to our customers and business partners. We share our expertise in rice and work on a model which allows our customers to buy the right product at the right price within the right timeframes.


With subsidiaries in Thailand and India, and representatives in Myanmar, Pakistan and Vietnam, we are able to source for the best quality rice.


We offer rice in consumer packs of 1kg, 5kg and bulk packs of 10kg, 25kg, 40kg & 50kg in PP, BOPP, LLDPE, Metalised Film, Jute Bags, Non-Woven Bags.


The diverse varieties of rice we supply include:-


Basmati Rice & Other Allied Varieties Range

   Origin  Rice Type  Varieties Brown Raw  Steam   Creamy Sella / Parboiled Golden Sella / Parboiled       
   India                Basmati                        1121                 
   Traditional HBC-19                 
   Type-3 / Ranbir                                        
  Non-Basmati  Allied Varieties               Sugandha                              

Non-Basmati Rice Range (From India, Pakistan, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia)

   Product                                            Broken Percentage                             
  5% 10% 15%    20% 25%    100%  
   Long Grain Raw Rice                                      
   Long Grain Parboiled Rice                                                 
   Medium Grain Raw Rice                                                        
   Medium Grain Parboiled Rice                                                        
   Round / Short Grain Raw Rice                                                        
   Round / Short Grain Parboiled Rice                                    

Other Speciality Rice Range


• Fragrant Rice (Thai Jasmine- Origin from Thailand)

• Jasmine Rice (Origin from Vietnam)

• Glutinous Rice (Origin from Vietnam)