Dividend Policy                    
  We aim to pay a sustainable and growing dividend over time, consistent with the Group’s long-term growth prospects. The dividend policy will provide flexibility for Mewah to balance its dividend payments with the need to retain earnings to support growth.

The policy on distribution of dividends depends on:

• results of operations, cash flows and financial position;

• capital expenditure plan;

• schedule of debts repayment;

• dividend received from subsidiaries; and

• other factors deemed relevant by the Board of Directors and our shareholders.

  Dividend History

Financial Period
Record Date
Payment Date
S$ Per Share
Q2 2011Interim22 Aug 201108 Sep 20110.0035
Q4 2011Final03 May 201217 May 20120.0050
Q2 2012Interim21 Aug 201203 Sep 20120.0030
Q4 2012Final06 May 201317 May 20130.0055
Q2 2013Interim20 Aug 201303 Sep 20130.0012
Q4 2013Final07 May 201420 May 20140.0073
Q4 2014Final05 May 201512 May 20150.0170
Q4 2015Final05 May 201612 May 20160.0045
Q2 2016Interim22 Aug 201629 Aug 20160.0030
Q4 2016Final04 May 201712 May 20170.0055
Q2 2017Interim21 Aug 201728 Aug 20170.0030
Q3 2017Interim20 Nov 201727 Nov 20170.0100
Q4 2017Final03 May 201810 May 20180.0040
Q2 2018Interim20 Aug 201828 Aug 20180.0022
Q4 2018Final03 May 201910 May 20190.0045
Q3 2019Interim18 Nov 201925 Nov 20190.0046
H1 2020Interim24 Aug 202031 Aug 20200.0015