Throughout our long history, our business has grown while our core values have endured and will continue to be passed down to generations of Mewah employees.

    Vision                        Mission                       
    To be a leading, integrated and diversified global food and agribusiness providing quality and value-added products to customers worldwide.     Create value for our stakeholders by delivering quality products and services through continuous improvement, innovation and sustainable business practices.      

Our vision unifies us to have a common cause and growth strategy. It inspires Mewah employees to make a positive contribution everyday and gives us a sense of mission.


We are one great Mewah team that make things possible. We embrace challenges, we never give up.

    We believe in being constantly engaged with the company and with each other. There's no you or I, there's only "WE".    


To be discerning when making decisions, after careful analysis and in depth study. 
    We create a dynamic environment to inspire, motivate our people, our customers and community at large, to continuously change for the better in order to scale new heights.    
  We believe in Mewah honor, helmed with honesty. We hold ourselves accountable to the highest ethical and professional standards.