1. Background

I.  In Mewah's Sustainable Palm Oil Policy and Sustainable Coconut Oil Policy, we recognize the importance of sustainable sourcing of its raw materials and we want this to form the backbone of our sourcing strategy. We are committed to provide a transparent, open and inclusive channel of communication with stakeholders to raise a grievance relating to the implementation of our Sustainable Palm Oil Policy as well as Sustainable Coconut Oil Policy.

II. Mewah acknowledged that the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) have been instrumental in setting up an effective grievance framework. We will follow the RSPO grievance process and make reference to the RSPO grievance procedure to ensuring a detailed and transparent approach to stakeholder concerns.


2. Purpose

I.  Mewah's Sustainable Palm Oil Policy and Sustainable Coconut Oil Policy applies to all refineries within Mewah Group, the trading operations, and all Third-party suppliers. This Grievance Procedure is to provide assurance to all stakeholders that, as a company, Mewah is responsive to grievances from all internal and external parties.

II.  This procedure is a reference for the Senior Management and Employee of Mewah to handle any grievance from any external parties, including any individuals, government organizations, non-governmental organizations or media outlets with concerns related to the implementation of our policies.

III.  We value the input of stakeholders in helping us to achieve the objective of the policy and to enhance transparency and continuous progress in our raw materials supply chain.


3. Fairness and Transparency

I.    A grievance is defined as a complaint or concern, related to the implementation of Mewah's Sustainable Palm Oil Policy and Sustainable Coconut Oil Policy, wherein a person or an organization/party seeks to address with Mewah.

II.  Any grievance will be treated with procedural fairness:


A person or a party, which is the subject of a grievance, is granted adequate notice about the proceedings;

A person making a decision should declare any personal interest, he or she may have in the proceedings, should be unbiased and acting in good faith;

Each party to a proceeding is entitled to ask questions and contradict the evidence of the other party; and

A decision-maker takes into account relevant considerations and mitigating circumstances and ignores irrelevant considerations.

III.   Mewah will keep record of the written communication and of the conversations, including date, time and a summary of issue discussed. Parties involved will be able to trace the grievance until the grievance is satisfactory dealt with. The parties involved are requested to refrain from commenting publicly on the complaint until a decision is made and all parties have been informed accordingly.


4. Process

I.        A grievance must be raised in writing, by email or by phone to the grievance helpline.

II.     If a grievance is found eligible, Mewah will inform the Grievance Raiser within 10 days after receipt of the grievance. The grievance is eligible if it is within the defined scope and if the grievance has been submitted correctly. On the contrary, if the grievance is found ineligible, Mewah will provide a recommendation on how to correctly address the grievance.

III.   When a grievance was made against a third-party supplier of Mewah, we shall engage the Grievance Raiser and the respective supplier to discuss the grievance issue(s) raised in accordance with this procedure.

IV.     In the event that the said supplier does not want to engage in the process towards resolution and compliance with the Grievance Raiser's concern, Mewah may decide on reviewing its relationship with that supplier.


5. Procedure to Raise A Grievance

I.       A grievance can be expressed via any of the following channels:

a. By telephone : +65-6829 5107
b. By email to :
c. By fax to : +65 6829 5293
d. In writing to the following mailing address:
Mewah Building, 5 International Business Park, Singapore 609914.
Attention to:  Mewah Group Sustainability Department


II.     Any potential grievance should include provision of the following information:

* Full Name
* Name of Organisation (if applicable)
* Job Title
* Address
* Contact telephone Number
* Mailing Address
* Description of the nature of Grievance in detail
* Supporting Evidence, including all possible documentation, to directly support the grievance.

III.     Remarks:


An accurate contact details are required to seek further clarification on the grievance.

The Grievance Raiser may request to keep their identity to remain confidential.
The Grievance Mechanism Process Flow can be found at here.

Please click here for Mewah Group Ongoing Sustainability Grievances (Updated as at June 2022)

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