Welcome to Mewah Group Sustainability Dashboard
  Mewah Group is an integrated agri-business focused on edible oils and fats and headquartered in Singapore. We are one of the largest palm oil refineries in the world by capacity. Our operations are integrated throughout the edible oils and fats value chain, from the sourcing and processing of raw materials, to the packing, merchandising, shipping and distribution of our products. We were an early member of the Roundtable Sustainable Palm Oil since year 2010.

Mewah has been working to improve the sustainability of the palm oil industry in Malaysia on those of third-party suppliers and the Smallholders we support. Through this sustainability dashboard, we endeavour to provide our stakeholders with an understanding of our sustainability approach, the measurements we have in place and our approach in building a sustainable business 

  1. Annual Group Sustainability & Traceability Progress Infographic  
  2. Mewah Sustainable Palm Oil Policy  
  3. Mewah Environmental & Biodiversity Policy  
  4. Mewah Refineries Certification Status  
  5.  Traceability to Mill  
  6.  Traceability to Plantation  
  7.  Grievance Platform  
  8.  Stakeholder Engagement Program  
  9.  Sustainability Reports  
  10.  Mewah Business Code of Conduct  
  11.  Mewah Animal Welfare Policy  
  12.  Mewah Sustainable Coconut Oil Policy  
  13.  Mewah Group Supply Chain Re-entry Requirement  
  14.  Mewah Human Rights and Labor Policy  
  15.  Mewah Safety and Health Policy  
  16.  Mewah Gender Equality Policy  
  17.  Whistle Blowing Policy