Data protection is the right of individuals to ensure that their personal data is collected, used and / or disclosed with their consent. As a data user, Mewah Group1 is required to inform all individuals concerned regarding the manner in which personal data of individuals is managed and the options available for accessing or limiting the use of personal data. Mewah Group’s General Personal Data Protection Policy (“General Policy”) aims to regulate these activities in compliance with the provisions and principles of the respective Personal Data Protection Act across all jurisdictions where Mewah Group has business presence.

It is of utmost importance to Mewah Group that the individuals concerned give us their consent to the collection, use and / or disclosure of their personal data by us. Please be assured that Mewah Group will take all practicable measures to ensure the security and confidentiality of personal data in our possession or under our control. Mewah Group will endeavor not to disclose any personally identifiable information unless the disclosure is in accordance with the terms of the General Policy and in compliance with the relevant law and regulations of the jurisdictions where Mewah Group has business presence.

Please click on the following links for more details of the Personal Data Protection Policies (“PDPA Policies”) of the Mewah Group of Companies operating in the respective jurisdictions.

i)   Singapore
ii)  Malaysia
iii) Indonesia (Coming soon)
iv) China (Coming soon)

Please make a request in writing at the address mentioned in the relevant PDPA Policies, so that Mewah Group can act accordingly, if:

a. you believe that your personal data in Mewah Group’s possession is inaccurate and / or incomplete;
b. you do not agree to the processing of your personal data;
c. you would like to withdraw your consent for processing of your personal data;
d. you would like to limit the processing and use of your personal data.

We reserve the right to amend this General Policy and the PDPA Policies. Any material changes to the provisions of the relevant law and regulations governing personal data protection that have an impact on Mewah Group’s business practices will be updated and properly reflected in this General Policy and the relevant PDPA Policies. All changes and updates will also be posted on the Mewah Group’s website.

Data Protection Officer
26 June 2018

1 Mewah Group means Mewah International Inc. and each of its subsidiaries, as defined in the respective jurisdictions’ company law.