Packaging Material & Toll-Packing

We are an experienced manufacturer of food grade packaging materials specializing in jerry cans fabrication.  Currently the major portion of our jerry can productions are consumed internally by our respective oil packing plants while the remaining productions are sold to domestic cooking oil packing house. Our typical jerry can sizes ranges from 5L to 25L, available in both plain yellow and white colour.

We also manufacture food grade polyethylene bags, especially for food and beverages industrial use. The polyethylene bags for general household uses and garbage disposal are also available. The bags width ranges from 500mm to 1200mm, made in various standard thicknesses subject to user’s requirements.

We are the contract manufacturer for the world. We toll pack many well-known brands for a range of customers from a host of different countries. With our huge and modern production facilities, integrated with direct supply of fresh edible oils from our very own refineries plus own packaging material manufacturing; efficient packing operations; excellent logistics and stringent quality assurance system in place, we are confident to offer world-class, cost competitive, timely and undisrupted supply of goods and services to all our customers.

With our highly reliable and well established total integrations for the whole supply chain logistic, we strive to deliver a complete solution to your needs.

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