Consumer Pack Products

We offer a comprehensive product range of high quality packed products in various packing types and sizes. Our wide ranging consumer products marketed under our house brands Moi, Krispi, Mewah and Vikor are available in more than 100 countries via our well established international sales and distribution network. We have marketing offices in Shanghai and Australia.

Our R&D division, through continuous research and development initiatives, is persistently looking into developing innovative and practically economical confectionary and bakery fats with enhanced performance to improve texture, appearance, overall sensory and aesthetic aspects of end-products. We are also responding through our steadfast efforts in developing trans-free and non-hydrogenated fats to satisfy current demand of healthy nutritional regime and other specific applications.

Our packing facilities in Moi Foods Malaysia embraces good manufacturing practices and maintains unwavering conformance to stringent food safety and hygiene standards. Our facilities are HACCP certified.

Our Products are:

a. Cooking Oils

  • Palm Olein (Various grades)
  • Soft Oils
  • Vegetable Ghee

b. Special Frying Oils and Fats with excellent oxidation stability

  • Premium Frying Oil
  • Premium Frying Compound

c. Bakery Fats

  • Shortening (Various grades and applications)
  • Margarine (Various grades and applications, e.g. creaming, pastry, table spread)
  • Texturized Vegetable Ghee
  • Butter Oil Substitute
  • Bakery Compound

d. Confectionery Fats

  • Coating and Filling Fats
  • Ice-cream Fats
  • Chocolate Fats
  • Cocoa Butter Substitute
  • Pan Release Agent (Palm and Canola Base)

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